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  • Toyota Repair & Maintenance

    Toyota Repair & Maintenance

  • Toyota Repair & Maintenance

    Toyota Repair & Maintenance

  • Toyota Repair & Maintenance

    Toyota Repair & Maintenance

  • Toyota Repair & Maintenance

    Toyota Repair & Maintenance

Toyota Repair & Maintenance
Albany - Corvallis - Salem - Eugene, Oregon

In addition to our Premium Hybrid Vehicle services, Dave’s Performance Hybrids offers a wide range of repair and preventive maintenance services for all your non-hybrid Toyota family members.

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Dave's Extensive List of Toyota Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance is the most cost effective means of promoting the longevity of your Toyota. Routine inspections allow for early detection of wear and tear and any potential system failure, assuring your vehicle runs smoothly and safely.

  • Vehicle diagnosis and repair
    • Complimentary code checks and advise
    • Check engine lights, cruise lights, VSC, ABS, BRAKE or skid control light diagnosis
    • Engine and transmission related mechanical repair
    • Electrical testing, probing and diagnosis
    • Computers and much more ...
  • Engine oil and filter replacement
    • Reduces operating costs through longer engine life.
  • Oil system cleaning
    • Removes deposits from oil passage ways reducing blockage and ensuring proper engine lubrication.
  • Multi point inspection
    • Inspect for leaks, check fluid levels, inspect belt(s)
  • Tire rotation / brake inspection
    • Improves tire wear and safety.
  • Engine air and cabin air filter replacement
    • Helps both gas engine and passengers breathe easy.
    • Cabin filters are important to replace regularly for passengers with allergies.
  • Auxiliary battery testing
    • Catch weak starting batteries before they fail, highly recommended every 30k miles on 7 to 10-year-old vehicles.
  • Super long-life engine coolant replacement
    • Prevents freezing / overheating, lubricates water pump and prevents corrosion.
  • Inverter coolant replacement - includes air purge
    • Prevents freezing / overheating, lubricates water pump and prevents corrosion.
  • Tansaxle fluid exchange
    • Prevents breakdowns and extends transaxle life.
  • Brake fluid exchange - includes system bleed
    • Removes air and moisture accumulation from hydraulic system and keeps brake pedal firm while preventing corrosion and prolonging life of system components.
  • Spark plug replacement and ignition coil inspection
    • Improves performance and ensures proper operation
  • Throttle system cleaning - including mass air flow meter cleaning
    • Helps maintain proper idle and smooth acceleration
  • Injection system cleaning
    • Removes carbon from injectors restoring performance and maximizing fuel economy
  • Induction system cleaning
    • Decarbonization of air side of gas engine, cleans intake and carbon from valves reducing blow by, improving efficiency
  • Emission system cleaning
    • Removes deposits from exhaust side of gas engine prolonging life of catalytic converter and components required for federal emissions.
  • Brake caliper lubrication and service
    • Includes cleaning and lubrication of caliper slide pins and moving parts, application of disk brake quiet to backing plate of brake pads and contact points to reduce noise causing vibration and prevent premature caliper failure
  • Rear brake (shoe) clean and adjust
    • Maximizes braking efficiency and safety
  • Emergency brake adjustment
    • Maintains position on uneven surface ensuring safety
  • Brake pad replacement / rotor replacement
    • Increases safety through improved reliable brake system performance.
  • A/C performance test
    • Includes testing temperature at vents and lubrication of compressor depending on design (based on results evacuation and recharge with pressure testing may be required)
  • A/C evacuation and recharge
    • Including testing high and low side pressures and checking for leaks – injection of ultra violet dye to locate very small leaks as needed
  • Tire replacement
    • Via local tire retail partnerships

Dave's Services all Toyota Makes & Models

  • Avalon
  • Camry
  • Corolla
  • Celica
  • Cressida
  • C-HR
  • Echo
  • FR-S
  • FJ Cruiser
  • 86 / GT
  • Highlander
  • iQ / iM
  • Land Cruiser
  • Matrix
  • MR2
  • Paseo
  • Previa
  • Prius
  • Prius C
  • Prius V
  • Rav4
  • 4Runner
  • Sequoia
  • Sienna
  • Supra
  • Solara
  • Tacoma
  • tC
  • T-100
  • Tercel
  • Tundra
  • Venza
  • xB, xA, xD
  • Yaris

A Few Reasons We Love Toyota

Toyotas Are Easy to Repair

Firstly, Toyota has long been considered one of the most reliable vehicles on the market; simply said, Toyota's rarely breakdown. The typical Toyota repair is most likely a minor issue that requires little vehicle down time. Secondly, we love that Toyota’s are generally designed with ample workspace around the engine providing access to any targeted items requiring maintenance or repair. The top selling Toyota Corolla, Camry and Tacoma are well known for their spacious engine compartments that are a dream for any Toyota repair mechanic.

Toyotas Are Consistant

In Toyota’s commitment to reliability, they tend to stick with a good manufacturing method when they find it. For example, the Toyota Corolla is a vehicle that has hardly changed its concept for over 10 years, while the Toyota Tacoma only released 2 generations over a 20-year period. With that in mind, newer Toyota models are often devoid of more complex technology that can easily increase the difficulty of repair, often requiring specialized training or tools to address changes in manufacturing. The use of timing chains on many Toyota models is a perfect example of solid design reducing potential for repairs, as opposed to regularly having to replace a timing belt typical of other brands. That said, Dave's Performance Hybrids has the tools, technology, and all the necessary training to address even the most complex Toyota maintenance or repair needs.

Toyotas Deliver Easy Access to Parts

A long-standing commitment to a reliably lean manufacturing model provides the additional benefit of increased access to Toyota parts as they are needed. As Toyota evolved into one of the top selling brands over the past 4 decades, if not the top, one can be assured affordable and fast delivery of virtually any part necessary for your repair. Sheer volume of sales alone provides broad access to a nationwide inventory, and as many Toyota models utilize the same parts, ease of access is further multiplied. Finally, to drive down import costs, Toyota’s business model brought a majority of their manufacturing stateside which again reduces the cost of repairs for your Toyota family members.

A Few Reasons Why you should love Toyota

Toyotas Are Reliable

Toyota’s marketing campaign states that 80% of their vehicles are still on the road today. A quick look at the vehicles on the road around you reveals the common theme of Toyota’s longevity as older Corollas and Tacomas are still driving strong, not to mention those die hard old Land Cruisers. The revolutionary Prius, now 10 years old, still dominates the marketplace. Across industry leaders tracking vehicle reliability, Consumer Reports and JD Powers both ranked Toyota as the most reliable vehicle you can own. The Toyota Lexus has held JD Powers top spot for vehicle dependability from 2011 through 2018.

Some Quick Statistics About Toyota Dependability

  • Who keeps their cars for the longest amount of time?
    • Almost one third, 32.1 percent, of original Toyota Highlander Hybrid owners kept their vehicle for at least 10 years. That’s the highest percentage of all vehicles. Second on the list is the Toyota Prius at 32%. The non-hybrid Highlander came in third at 29%. Toyota Sienna is 4th at 28.7 %.
  • Which cars get the most mileage?
    • This Forbes article sites a 2014 study by (now Carfax) shows Toyota as the most driven vehicle at an average of 210,705 miles.
    • This article by Quora sites the Toyota Lexus as the most reliable brand of vehicle for 2015 , 2016, and 2017.
Toyota Repair Corvallis - Land Cruiser
Toyota Repair Salem - Lexus

Toyotas Are Inexpensive to Repair

All of the reasons to love Toyota cited above, ease of repair, consistent manufacturing, access to parts, and dependability all add up to one thing, savings for you! Toyota’s are inexpensive to repair. According to the searchable Repair Cost Index maintained by the automotive website, the Toyota Corolla is the least expensive vehicle to maintain and repair, with an average yearly cost of $341.